• 12.40 pm. I offered him some tea through the window. At the end, he is the guy who makes it all happen. The guy who lifts us up when we walk home in the evening. The guy who makes all those picture perfect moments on Instagram. The guy who makes us feel warm in the cold December.

    The guy on the lift, putting lights on the Christmas tree at our square.
  • 11.27 am. Above clouds, below standard. Today with easyJet.
  • 8.06 am. On a full morning train from Zürich to Luzern, Switzerland. Chatting with her. Whisperly. Because no one else is having a conversation. They’re all tapping laptops or mobile phones, working. Following their dreams of endless zeros. On bank account. And life.
  • 5.55 pm. A brief came in. It’s anti sugar use. I play some music, open a candy bar and start.
  • 1.34 pm. Only some lonely sunrays colored the rooftops of a lovely Ljubljana. Easy day. Rare sounds of coffee mugs, ambient music and chatting from only some opened street cafes. Young couple sitting, having coffee. No chat. She’s looking around, he is in the world behind the screen. Lonely.

    1.46 pm. The same, only new couple.
  • Everytime. “Just write something.” they say.
  • 12.02 pm. Oh, the public toilet symphony in the box next door.
  • 4.38 pm. Riding a crowded city bus. It’s raining. People looking down, either on the floor or on their mobile phones. There are some chatting, small talks. I’m smiling. Nothing is funny, but I want to make them wonder: “What is this guy smiling about?”.
  • 11.47 am. Had no real interactions with the Dutch, but I can safely say that they don’t care about me, or anything. Too much.
  • 5.53 pm. The car was filled with energy. He never stopped talking, we never stopped laughing. An old man, a writer, full of stories and memories.

    7.56 pm. Taxi ride back. Another driver. The car is filled with loud music soaking up all of our energy.
  • 8.07 pm. Influencers are the billboards of our time.